Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go Skateboarding Ukulele Day

Today, June 21, is Go Skateboarding Day. So, in honor of one of Southern California's best inventions, I rode the 5th Annual Sector 9 Poker Run. That's the Sector 9 logo on the uke. Sector 9 is a San Diego institution. In fact, my son spent a year running maple plys through their belt sander. Sector 9 throws this great ride along Mission Bay. It ends with an awesome party in Mission Beach that includes contests, games, music, Wahoo's burritos and lots of swag. It's a casual ride for skaters of all ages. I think this year they ranged in age from 5 years to well over 60! I rode my one-of-a-kind custom Galac LDP (Long Distance Pumping) deck. Although Galac is no longer producing decks it's still my go-to ride most of the time. Thank you Sector 9 for a great day and for giving my son a job. You guys are the best! And, if anyone is interested, you can find more info on Go Skateboarding Day and Sector 9 via these links:


  1. I dont know how it happened, but I was not keeping up with the chalkboard uke blog. I did remedy that today, enjoyed all the previous postings. Like seeing the guest ukers and hearing about what is going on. Feel free to post more now that I am caught up. :-)

  2. Thanks Rachel. As you know I am busy teaching magic and performing in Balboa Park. I'll try to get more posted soon.