Saturday, July 9, 2011

David Kamatoy - Entertainer, Entrepreneur, E-Marketer, and Ukester!

I've know David Kamatoy for decades. When he was in high school he used to come out and watch me and my fellow buskers perform in Balboa Park. Soon enough he had a show of his own and was juggling in the park, too. Later he went on to be a popular member of San Diego's musical theater scene. In addition to being San Diego's best comedy juggler, David is also an innovative entrepreneur. By using his performance background as a starting point he offers a variety of unique marketing services. From email marketing to video blogging to custom presentations David's Kamatoy Media Group is at the forefront of social media. In addition, he is also an avid ukulele player. I'm pleased to say that I gave him his first uke, which was so cheap that it caused him to quickly upgrade to a Kala tenor ukulele. David, thanks for being a good friend and for being part of the chalkboard ukulele project. And, if any of you are interested in contacting David he can be found at and


  1. a picture of my guitar

  2. Hey Keith, that's a pretty awesome guitar and drawing. Are you going to do more?