Monday, June 13, 2011

Hard Travelin' Uke

One of my goals with this blog is to pay tribute to some of the people who shaped my life. With that in mind here's a little portrait of Woody Guthrie. Woody was an American folksinger, songwriter and guitarist. Although he died in 1967 his music is still influencing musicians and songwriters today. The list of those inspired by Woody Guthrie is much too long to list here. His songs are part of America as well as the rest of the world. "This Land is Your Land" was in my grade school chorus book. The song's author was listed as either anonymous or traditional. I remember thinking, "Don't the people who made this book know who Woody Guthrie is?" If you don't know who he is you can find out more at Even if you do know who Woody is you might want to follow that link.


  1. A Wikipedia fair use link to a little bit of Woody's singing. Great theme Steve. What does a chalk screech sound like on that thing?


  2. Thanks for the link. So far there hasn't been any chalk screech.